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Investment Property Loans With No Personal Income

We allow real estate investors to qualify using the property's cash flow instead of tax returns so they  can get approved and close on their rental property.

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When you’re purchasing an investment property or Airbnb home, there’s a lot on the line. As an investor, the risk of your mortgage loan being denied is much greater because of how most banks qualify your income. If your loan is denied, you could:
❌ Miss your closing date
❌ Lose out on your investment property
❌ Forfeit your earnest money deposit
❌ Waste your time and money
You need a loan officer and a lender that understands real estate investors. I am dedicated to helping people just like you get approved. Investors who want to avoid wasting time and money working with the wrong lender.

Why LoanBud?


We host a variety of products that can help suit your individual needs. Some of the benefits are:


We allow you qualify based on the property's expected rental income instead of using your tax returns or personal income.


Preserve liquidity with as little as 15% down payment required for a rental property or Airbnb home.


Maximize the amount of equity you can access with a cash-out refinance up to 85% of your investment property's appraised value.


We provide jumbo loans up to $5 million for the purchase of larger investment rental properties.


Loanbud does not limit the number of mortgages you can have for investment properties.


You don't have to own a home to qualify for this program, and gifts can be used for down payment funds.

Hear From My Clients:

"Interfirst and Jim provided us an enjoyable experience.  Jim was great.  Really easy to work with, not pushy at all, like some other lenders.  Extremely responsive and helpful.  Would definitely go back to him.
His style meshed well with me since I've been through this before.  Might be a little too hands-off for a first-time home buyer, but I loved it.   He got me a low rate and the lowest closing costs I could find.  Hard not to be happy!"



"Jim made the entire process quick and easy. He was responsive to everyone of our requests and provided updates even on the weekends. We truly appreciate you're commitment to us from the very start."



"James was very easy to work with. He talked in a smooth easy to understand manner He made sure that I understood what he was telling me about the loan process. He was easy to get a hold of if I ever had any questions. He was extremely knowledgeable in all phases of the finance business. It was a pleasure to have James handle my financial needs. You are fortunate to have James in your employ ."

Gail I.


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What are the rental property loan requirements?
Qualifications to get approved for a rental property loan include:
  • FICO score of 620 or higher
  • Having a down payment of at least 15%, which can be in the form of a gift
  • Market rent of the property should be greater than or equal to the new mortgage payment
Is it difficult to get approved for a real estate investment loan?

Not at all! Since our investment property loans do not require personal income (or tax returns), the approval process is much easier. 


Finding a lender like LoanBud that offers investor-focused lending programs will help you secure an investment property loan quicker and with less restrictive terms, such as:

  • Not requiring tax returns or personal income required
  • Providing loan to value (LTV) as high as 80% (20% downpayment)
  • Offering larger loan sizes up to $4,000,000
  • Permitting to use of gifts for the down payment or closing costs
  • Allowing first-time home-buyers

What is your interest rate?

Typically, investment property loans typically carry interest rates that are 0.5% to 1.50% higher than conventional home loans for primary residences. However, the final interest rate on an investment loan will depend on a number of factors such as your FICO score, down payment percentage, and whether your income is qualified using tax returns or solely based on the property. 


At LoanBud we offer flexible guidelines and terms. 


Schedule a consultation today to learn about our loans for real estate investors

What is the down payment on an investment property?

The minimum down payment for an investment property is typically 15% for loan amounts up to $2.5 million.  For larger loan amounts, higher down payment amounts are required.

Can I get a mortgage for an Airbnb rental?

Yes, our mortgages can be used to purchase properties that will be rented out via Airbnb or other short term rental options. Unlike most banks, we can get you qualified solely based on the potential Airbnb income and without tax returns.  


The minimum down payment for an Airbnb mortgage is 15% and the expected income generated from the property should be enough to cover the new mortgage payments.


Schedule a consultation today to learn about our loans for Airbnb rental properties.

What is the maximum cash out on a jumbo refinance?

We believe the equity in your home belongs to you, and that limiting the amount of cash back one can receive from a refinance is just wrong.  Unlike other lenders, at LoanBud we do not limit the total amount of cash back you can receive.

More Ways to Qualify for a Rental Property Loan


At LoanBud, we understand that many people would like to build wealth through real estate. In order to do that, you need a mortgage. The problem is, most real estate investors have a tough time getting approved for a mortgage because of their tax returns, which makes you feel frustrated and defeated. That’s why we allow real estate investors to qualify using a property’s rental income instead of using tax returns or personal income.

With our unique programs you can:


Preserve liquidity with lower down payments


Qualify based on rental income of the property


Use up to 100% gifts for down payments


Obtain larger loan sizes, up to $4 Million


Have an unlimited number of mortgages


Experience more flexible credit guidelines

Here’s how it works: 

1) Schedule a Consultation 

2) Know Your Options 

3) Close Your Loan 


Request a free consultation with me today so you can stop worrying about getting approved for a mortgage and start building your real estate empire.




Qualify using banks statements or 1099's with or without tax returns.



Mortgages for high value homes with down payments as low as 5%.

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