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We help businesses grow by quickly providing SBA loans up to $350,000 for working capital, equipment, inventory and more.

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Don't Take Out a High Interest Business Loan


Have you been told by a banker that you are too under-collateralized to receive a business loan? Are you now considering high-interest debt such as receivables financing, merchant cash advances, or online business loans?  These short-term loans come with interest rates as high as 25%, and you might end up:


❌ Paying outrageous interest rates and fees
❌ Having high monthly debt payments that put a strain on your cash flow
❌ Creating a vicious cycle of relying on short-term business debt
❌ Working just to keep the lights on with little left to enjoy

At LoanBud, I have helped countless people just like you get approved for our FlashCap SBA loan with favorable terms to help their business grow. People who want to avoid wasting money on high interest business loans.


LoanBud is a Division of BayFirst, an SBA Preferred Lender.

Why LoanBud?


LoanBud FlashCap SBA loans can be funded in as little as 10 days from receipt of completed application package.


FlashCapSBA Loans typically offer a rate of  Prime + 2.75% with a 10-year term, offering you lower monthly payments and long-term growth capital.


Our SBA Preferred Partner status allows us to make credit decisions internally, saving you time and providing you answers.


Trust Your Business to an SBA Preferred Partner


Most small business owners struggle to get financing for their company with reasonable terms. At LoanBud, I help entrepreneurs get approved for our FlashCap SBA loans so they can grow their business with better terms than costly alternatives.
As a Preferred Partner with the Small Business Administration (SBA), we have the experience and track record to guide you to a successful closing.  

Getting an SBA Loan with Scott Appelbaum is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...


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Discover your SBA loan options and learn what I will need to get you approved.


Close Your Loan

Relax as I guide you through a stress-free loan process so you can receive your funding.


How does your SBA Preferred Lender Program (PLP) status benefit me?

Our PLP status allows us to bypass the SBA and make credit decisions internally, which can save you weeks of processing time.  LoanBud FlashCapSBA Loans can be funded in as little as 10 days from receipt of the completed application package. And since we have the authority to make our own credit decisions, we can get you an answer quickly and won't drag you through the mud.

What is the LoanBud FlashCap™ SBA Loan?
Most business owners know that cash is the fuel that grows a business. Our FlashCap SBA Loan is an easy way to fund a growing business with an expedited loan up to $350,000 and favorable terms. LoanBud FlashCap SBA Loans can be funded in as little as days from the receipt of the completed application. LoanBud FlashCapSBA Loans offer a 10-year term and most interest rates are currently 6.25%, instead of double digit rates that alternative lenders provide. You may be a good candidate for a FlashCap SBA Loan if you want to:
  • Buy inventory
  • Refinance debt
  • Gain working capital
  • Get cash for receivables that haven’t been paid
  • Buy small equipment
  • Need cash but don’t want to pay double digit interest rates
Have a question about how you can use a LoanBud FlashCap SBA Express Loan? Schedule a consultation to receive a complementary analysis.
What is the term and rate of my LoanBud FlashCap™ SBA Loan?

Many short-term business loans come with a short repayment term and double-digit interest rates.  LoanBud FlashCapSBA Loans typically offer a 10-year term and an interest rate of 6.25% Prime + 2.75%  instead of double digits.

What documents do I need to provide?

There are several documents you will need to provide when applying for a LoanBud FlashCap SBA Loan. Here is a checklist that will help you prepare for the application process:


  • P&L balance sheet
  • Personal Background and Financial Statement
  • Business Financial Statement
  • Business Certificate/License
  • Loan Application History
  • 3 Years of Personal & Business Tax Returns
  • Resumes
  • Business Overview and History
  • Business Lease


If you have questions about the required documentation, schedule a consultation to receive a personalized documentation review.

What is the minimum credit score for a LoanBud FlashCap™ SBA Loan?

In order to be approved for a LoanBud FlashCapSBA Loan, all borrowers must have a minimum FICO score of 650.

What can my LoanBud FlashCap™ SBA Loan be used for?
LoanBud FlashCapSBA Loans can be used for simple loan uses including but not limited to:
  • Inventory
  • Working capital
  • Consolidating business debt
  • Buy small equipment
  • Payroll
Have questions about how you can use a LoanBud FlashCapSBA Loan to grow your business?  Schedule a consultation with a LoanBud loan officer today to receive a personalized analysis.

We Believe Small Business is the Backbone of America


I understand as a business owner you want to be successful and I know how hard you've already worked to get here. You want to continue building something big, but in order to achieve your goals, you need to find the right lender to help fuel your growth. The problem is, it's hard for most businesses to get a conventional loan from a bank, and most alternative loan options come with high interest rates and monthly payments which are a strain on cash flow.

I believe denying small business owners access to capital with reasonable terms is just wrong. That’s why we allow our customers to get LoanBud FlashCapSBA Loans with low rates and fast funding.

Here’s how it works:

1) Schedule a Consultation
2) Know Your Options
3) Close Your Loan

Request a free consultation with me today so you can stop worrying about a business loan and start watching your business grow with LoanBud.




We provide up to 100% financing for SBA 7(a) loans used for the purchase of owner-occupied commercial real estate.



Acquire an existing business or franchise, buy out a partner, or purchase a book of business.

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