William Bennett

Loan Officer

An accomplished sales professional whose drive is palpable and infectious, Bill Bennett has a way about him that motivates others to be their best. He brings to the table twenty years of sales experience, and he has done extensive work as a sales trainer, coach, and team builder. Always prizing trust and security above all else, he puts his clients at ease by showing them and not only telling them that their families' interests come first to him, following through on his promises and driving results in spite of apparent difficulty. People who are self-employed know that they can go to him when their tax returns may not show the entirety of their worth, and jumbo borrower looking to preserve liquidity know that Bill can deliver lower down payment solutions.

Someone who genuinely cares about others, Bill offers service that is immensely valuable, offering much more than just helpful advice. Although he will be the first to admit that he is not always the cheapest option, his clients will tell you that he is worth the extra cost because of all the extra value that he offers.

Bill is a proud father of three and a loving husband. He is a recipient of the Regional Team Builder of the Year Award, and he earned his BS in Finance and Marketing with a minor in Political Science at the University of South Carolina.

A Home Run, Vick K.

I met Bill when I started to research alternative financing options for small business owners and discovered Bank Statement financing options. Not familiar with this program, I sent a query through the website and Bill returned my call and took the time to explain the program and the documentation required and within 3 business days I was pre-qualified and closed within 30 days after providing a ratified contract. Bill was a pleasure to work with and kept me updated throughout the process and I would recommend Bill to Any and All.


Mr. Bennett was extremely nice, patient, and knowledgeable. He made me feel as if we were a family trying to get this loan approved together. He kept me informed about all updates/changes. He was accurate and precise with all the information needed to get the process done in a timely manner with almost no hiccups. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a loan to purchase a home.


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